SAY NO to PDF Unlocking Programs!

PDF Page Lock Prevents Secured PDF Documents from being Cracked or Decrypted by PDF Unlocking Programs/Services!

PDF Page Lock Features

Lock PDF icon

Lock PDF Pages

Readers would be unable to see the content on locked PDF pages, which only display as Blank with Locked icons.

Hide PDF icon

Hide PDF Pages

PDF Page Lock could hide your classified PDF pages and then those pages would be Totally Invisible & Inaccessiable in the PDF file.

Cracking Resistance icon

Cracking Resistance

Online PDF unlocking services or cracking programs CANNOT Unlock or Crack the PDF files protected by PDF Page Lock.

Password Protection

Password Encryption

You can set a password for the PDF file while saving the locked PDF file. No one could unlock the PDF document without your password.

Algorithm icon

Strongest Algorithm

PDF Page Lock encrypts your PDF documents with the strongest AES-256 algorithm, and also encrypts your password twice.

Lock Selected Pages

Targeted Protection

Unlike normal PDF encrypting programs, PDF Page Lock only locks or hides important PDF pages you want to protect, and leaves other pages public and visible.

Easy to use

Easy To Use

Simply open a PDF file and select your confidential pages to lock or hide, then set a password while saving the PDF. Done!

1-click unlock

1-Click Unlock

This easy-to-use software tool has the 1-Click Unlock feature, which enables you to unlock/unhide all pages very easily.


Multiple Languages

English, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Polish, Arabic, Hungarian, Turkish, Čeština and More. If you like to add your language, please email to admin.


100% Clean

PDF Page Lock is a 100% Clean PDF security tool. It doesn't bundle with no adware and malware. You can check the scanned report at VirusTotal.

Learn How to Get Started with PDF Page Lock (Tutorial)
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PDF Page Lock Video Tutorial

PDF Page Protection Example

Please click following 3 screenshots, which shows you how does the PDF Page Lock lock and hide the page 2 in the sample PDF file.

The 1st screenshot shows you the PDF file in the PDF reader/viewer program. Anyone could access the content before locking and hiding the page.

The 2nd screenshot shows you the PDF file in the PDF reader/viewer program after the page 2 was locked. The content on the page 2 could not be displayed anymore.

The 3rd screenshot shows you the PDF file in the PDF reader/viewer program after the page 2 was hidden. You can only access other pages because the page 2 could not be seen anymore.

Normal Page Page Locked Page Hidden


PDF Page Lock Screenshot
There are instances where you might want to keep certain important pages of your PDF documents locked or hidden. PDF Page Lock is an easy software which will allow you to do exactly that. To keep sensitive pages stored invisible or locked, please download PDF Page Lock.

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